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Nitrogen Plant

Nitrogen Plant

Functioning efficiently from Patna(India), we are known for bringing forth quality products at competitive price. Our team members and professionals possess rich domain knowledge and experience concerning the packaging of all products. We make certain that the products are packed sternly using the best in class material.


We design, develop and manufacture a stellar range of nitrogen plants. Designed to be compact and sturdy, these nitrogen plants are highly efficient and deliver high levels of performance at all times. The nitrogen plants require low levels of maintenance and can be custom developed as per the needs and specifications of our customers.

Details :

  • Capacities - 1 to 150 Nm³/hr.
  • Output Pressure - 5.0 - 6.0 kg / Cm²
  • Purity - 50% to 99.999%
  • Economics - Cylinder - Rs. 12-15/ per M³O2
  • Generator - Rs. 3-4/- per M³

Nitrogen Generators (P.S.A. Based)
We design and manufacture a superior range of nitrogen generators with proprietary techniques that provide high efficiency of gas separation. These generators provide a high degree of control of nitrogen gas supply at minimal levels of maintenance. We have the capability to design and develop nitrogen generators as per the requirements of our customers.

How it works?
The nitrogen generator produces nitrogen gas from atmospheric air using molecular sieves separation technique. It uses a carbon molecular sieve which has ability to preferentially remove oxygen from air. Our proprietary technique gets higher efficiency of gas separation.

Nitrogen generator consists of two beds filled with carbon molecular sieves. When compressed air is passed, Nitrogen comes out as product gas from one bed while other bed is simultaneously regenerated by depressurization to atmospheric pressure. This process of gas separation is called "Pressure Swing Adsorption" (PSA).

Nitrogen Purity
From nitrogen generator gas of purities from 99% to 99.9999% can be produced. simple psa unit produces raw nitrogen of 99% purity. By adding purification unit to PSA unit, high purity nitrogen can be produced.

Advantages :

  • Automatic Start-up time is only 5-Minutes.
  • Nitrogen gas supply always under your control.
  • Self-contained skid mounted units for easy site installation.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • Very high reliability to run un-attended plant.
  • Carbon Molecular Sieves life is minimum 15-years and in most cases it lasts the whole life time of Gas Generator.

Nitrogen Capacity :
Nitrogen Generators are tailor-made equipment and are manufactured as per customer's requirements. However, standard units are available in the capacity of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 NM3/hr. The Gas Generators can be manufactured in any desired capacity.
Nitrogen Pressure
Standard Nitrogen Generator produces nitrogen at 5.5 kg/cm2g pressure. This pressure comes automatically as feed air pressure to the PSA unit is around 7 kg/cm2g. However, by increasing feed air pressure to 10kg/cm2g, Nitrogen can be produced even at 8.5 kg/cm2g. But, at high pressure operation, depressurisation losses during regeneration are high, which results in high operation cost.

It is most economical to run nitrogen generators at 7 kg/cm2g pressure and produce nitrogen at 5.5 kg/cm2g pressure. If nitrogen is needed at higher pressure, we can provide a nitrogen booster compressor after the gas generator. By this addition, it is possible to compress nitrogen gas to any high pressure.

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Nitrogen Cylinders V/S Nitrogen Generators

Items Nitrogen Cylinders Nitrogen Generator
Cost Rs.10/- to Rs.15/-per m² Rs.3/- to Rs.4/-per m³
Transfer & Handling Cumbersome Not Required
Risk of High Pressure Exists Not Applicable
Dependency On Supplier Not Applicable
Purity Not Reliable As desired
Consistency Can Change As desired

Nitrogen Generation (P.S.A. based flow scheme)

Nitrogen Generation (P.S.A. based flow scheme)

Membrane Nitrogen Separation Flow System

Membrane Nitrogen Separation Flow System

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